CQ Magazine - In a Death Spiral?

Today CQ has announced that the February edition will NOT come out in print at all. Everyone can get a free pdf copy of the February issue from the CQ Magazine website. NOW the March/April issue will be sent out in Mid-April.

This is the third delivery promise as the last two were not fulfilled.

I believe CQ Magazine will not exist in a year. I think the "production problems" are in fact a money issue. They don't have the money to print the magazine. Don't know anything for sure, just my belief and opinion.

The reality is that hams are losing faith. No one who knows about the delivery issues are going to subscribe. Advertisers are not going to pay for ads that people are not able to see. A digital ad does not have the same impact or retention as a print ad.

All this has gone on far too long and as a result, I think it puts them into a death spiral.

I hope it does not happen as I have about two years remaining on the subscription, but that's how I see it. Too bad, they were a great magazine and I enjoyed reading it.

That's my opinion, if they are still a going concern next April, then I will take it all back. We’ll see!
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