A Hamvention Blessing

This was posted by Bill Cahill on Facebook. Not sure if he wrote it or if Bill reposted something written by someone else. But this “blessing” pretty accurately sums up the Dayton Hamvention. For those of us who attend each year, each line should bring a smile to your face.

A Hamvention Blessing:

Bless the Hamvention, oh Lord we pray,
Heal my feet after walking three days.
Bless the HARA Exhibit Halls,
And the cobwebs that hold up its walls.
Protect me from the lead in its peeling paint,
The McCormick Place it surely ain't.
Bless the old radar detectors that Mendelson’s sells,
Oh my God, what is that smell?
Bless the custom hats in various hues,
And tubes of knockoff Krazy Glue.
Bless the guy with the antenna hat,
And the other guy in the Hat of the Cat.
Bless Gordo giving us exam study tips,
And we pray this year there is no Poopocalypse.
Bless our old friends with whom we chat,
And why are there no Yeasu hats?
Bless the scooters in the lot that roll,
And get caught in the big potholes.
Bless the barbecue sandwiches on which we dine,
Oh God - Remind me to get another PL-259.
Bless the forums about the F.C.Commission,
And Bob Bruninga telling us “it’s Packet, not Position.”
Bless the time I spent with my radio club,
And the beer I drank at the HARA Pub.
With memories of vacuum tubes aglow,
As I drive away down Needmore Road,
Oh Lord I can truly say,
Thank you for these three days in May.

TenTec's Website

TenTec’s website proudly proclaims “Ten-Tec equipment is made & manufactured in the USA!”

Isn’t that the same thing? Shouldn’t it say “Ten-Tec equipment is designed & manufactured in the USA!”

Second, what about the Chinese stuff they are selling now? Where was that manufactured?

Are DX Stations using paper QSLs to generate income?

I am still amazed that after a number of years of successful operation that more DX stations are not using LoTW. In spite of some complaints, it is easy to install and use. Many logging programs now support LoTW so you can easily and quickly upload QSOs from the logging program as the logging programs handle all the intermediary steps.

One example that I use the the logbook program within Ham Radio Deluxe. After I complete a contact, I upload the contact or during contests, I can submit groups of contacts.

It is easy and you only have to pay a nominal fee if and when you request an award like DXCC.

So I wonder if the real reason DX stations are not using it is because they like to get your paper QSL along with a few dollars. Then they can keep the money, and send a card back to you via the bureau. I hope this is not happening, but my fear is that’s why so many are still not using the ARRL LoTW.

Paper QSLs are nice, colorful and cool to receive, for awards LoTW is the least expensive, quick and easiest way to get QSL confirmations.

It’s the 21st Century people, time to change.

CQ Magazine - In a Death Spiral?

Today CQ has announced that the February edition will NOT come out in print at all. Everyone can get a free pdf copy of the February issue from the CQ Magazine website. NOW the March/April issue will be sent out in Mid-April.

This is the third delivery promise as the last two were not fulfilled.

I believe CQ Magazine will not exist in a year. I think the "production problems" are in fact a money issue. They don't have the money to print the magazine. Don't know anything for sure, just my belief and opinion.

The reality is that hams are losing faith. No one who knows about the delivery issues are going to subscribe. Advertisers are not going to pay for ads that people are not able to see. A digital ad does not have the same impact or retention as a print ad.

All this has gone on far too long and as a result, I think it puts them into a death spiral.

I hope it does not happen as I have about two years remaining on the subscription, but that's how I see it. Too bad, they were a great magazine and I enjoyed reading it.

That's my opinion, if they are still a going concern next April, then I will take it all back. We’ll see!

DXCC on 10 Meters

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

Great St. Patrick’s Day present. When I got up this morning I checked LoTW and low and behold, I finally got the 100th electronic QSL to give me the needed magic 100 countries for DXCC on 10 Meters.

I immediately submitted the award application. LoTW make is so incredibly easy and fast and no messing around with sending paper QSL cards.

The next DXCC awards I will be working on are 15 Meters only (13 QSLs to go) followed by 20 Meters only and CW only.

That should keep me busy for awhile.

BTW, these awards are all worked with simple antennas (mostly vertical and a few with a tri-band trap dipole installed in the garage attic) and power at 100 watts or less. Nothing fancy is required, just a lot of patience.