A Hamvention Blessing

This was posted by Bill Cahill (AD8BC) on Facebook. Not sure if he wrote it (now verified that yes, Bill actually wrote this) or if Bill reposted something written by someone else. But this “blessing” pretty accurately sums up the Dayton Hamvention. For those of us who attend each year, each line should bring a smile to your face.

A Hamvention Blessing:

Bless the Hamvention, oh Lord we pray,
Heal my feet after walking three days.
Bless the HARA Exhibit Halls,
And the cobwebs that hold up its walls.
Protect me from the lead in its peeling paint,
The McCormick Place it surely ain't.
Bless the old radar detectors that Mendelson’s sells,
Oh my God, what is that smell?
Bless the custom hats in various hues,
And tubes of knockoff Krazy Glue.
Bless the guy with the antenna hat,
And the other guy in the Hat of the Cat.
Bless Gordo giving us exam study tips,
And we pray this year there is no Poopocalypse.
Bless our old friends with whom we chat,
And why are there no Yeasu hats?
Bless the scooters in the lot that roll,
And get caught in the big potholes.
Bless the barbecue sandwiches on which we dine,
Oh God - Remind me to get another PL-259.
Bless the forums about the F.C.Commission,
And Bob Bruninga telling us “it’s Packet, not Position.”
Bless the time I spent with my radio club,
And the beer I drank at the HARA Pub.
With memories of vacuum tubes aglow,
As I drive away down Needmore Road,
Oh Lord I can truly say,
Thank you for these three days in May.
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