Hams aren't spending enough on their hobby

Hams are obviously not spending enough money on their hobby.

In recent weeks this has become more evident. As a result, companies are going under. Some are cutting back on products or product introductions.

First, we recently saw CQ Magazine cut back on the number of paper magazines they publish. They even cut back on the electronic editions eliminating World Radio altogether. Now, one magazine remains in paper format - CQ Magazine. The December 2013 issue arrived for most hams around mid-January. Obviously they are having some financial issues.

Second, Tokyo Hy-Power announced it is in bankruptcy and not coming back after a re-org. They are done.

When we look back a little further we see other troubling signs.

Ten-Tec is no longer manufacturing a high-end HF transceiver. Kenwood has yet to introduce a digital radio either in competition to DStar, or an actual DStar radio.

Yaesu cut back on the annual hat give-away at Dayton replacing it with a cheap mousepad instead.

Many vendor booths at Dayton are empty. The flea-market is half of what it used to be.

Radio Shack no longer exhibits at Dayton like they did for years.

All this has happened at a time with the number of licensed hams continues to grow.

People we need to help keep these folks in business. Patronize their businesses or lose them.