Finally VUCC on 6 Meters

I finally was able to get the last few grid squares the other day to obtain a VUCC Award on 6 Meters. 

One thing about using the ARRL LoTW is that they turn the award around very fast. I applied yesterday and today it shows the award issued. The cost for applying the QSL credits was under $15. Now if I had to pay the postage to get paper QSLs, it would have been much more expensive. Really like LoTW.

Now to continue working more grid squares during the Summer E season and get the next endorsement.

Only need Alaska on 40M

The other day, I was finally able to work a station in Montana on 40 meters using JT-65. This morning I saw that the QSO was verified on LoTW. Excellent!!

Now I just need one more state, Alaska, in order to achieve WAS on 40M and WAS Digital on 40M. I keep looking for Alaska and calling CQ KL7, but nothing yet.

So if you are an Alaskan station on 40M, please drop me a email if you can help with a sked on 40M.

Are DX Stations using paper QSLs to generate income?

I am still amazed that after a number of years of successful operation that more DX stations are not using LoTW. In spite of some complaints, it is easy to install and use. Many logging programs now support LoTW so you can easily and quickly upload QSOs from the logging program as the logging programs handle all the intermediary steps.

One example that I use the the logbook program within Ham Radio Deluxe. After I complete a contact, I upload the contact or during contests, I can submit groups of contacts.

It is easy and you only have to pay a nominal fee if and when you request an award like DXCC.

So I wonder if the real reason DX stations are not using it is because they like to get your paper QSL along with a few dollars. Then they can keep the money, and send a card back to you via the bureau. I hope this is not happening, but my fear is that’s why so many are still not using the ARRL LoTW.

Paper QSLs are nice, colorful and cool to receive, for awards LoTW is the least expensive, quick and easiest way to get QSL confirmations.

It’s the 21st Century people, time to change.

DXCC on 10 Meters

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

Great St. Patrick’s Day present. When I got up this morning I checked LoTW and low and behold, I finally got the 100th electronic QSL to give me the needed magic 100 countries for DXCC on 10 Meters.

I immediately submitted the award application. LoTW make is so incredibly easy and fast and no messing around with sending paper QSL cards.

The next DXCC awards I will be working on are 15 Meters only (13 QSLs to go) followed by 20 Meters only and CW only.

That should keep me busy for awhile.

BTW, these awards are all worked with simple antennas (mostly vertical and a few with a tri-band trap dipole installed in the garage attic) and power at 100 watts or less. Nothing fancy is required, just a lot of patience.

Worked All States with JT-65

Checked LoTW this morning, and what do you know? The final QSL from Hawaii using mode JT-65 finally came through.

Of course with ARRL's LoTW system, applying for awards is so easy. So right away I applied for the award and paid the $15.00 fee.

This is the 4th WAS award that I will have. I have one WAS using only paper QSL cards; another WAS using electronic confirmations only from LoTW; another WAS using all digital modes; and now another WAS using only the digital mode of JT-65.

If you have not started using LoTW, consider doing it now. LoTW makes it much easier and less expensive to obtain QSL confirmations when chasing operating awards. So please consider jumping on the 21st Century bandwagon and use the technology that the ARRL is providing to all hams around the world.

Got to love the ARRL LoTW

I know some people hate the ARRL's LoTW. They say it is not easy to set-up and use. They even complain it has too much security. The reason of course is that people cheat, hence the security.

Frankly, I have found LoTW to be easy to set-up and use provided you follow the directions. I have also posted positive reviews of the LoTW on various websites like eHam. After the posts, I get emails from people saying that it is too hard to set-up and some even say that I MUST help them set-up LoTW since hams have always been a helpful group.

So I always email them back and offer to help, but I also ask some basic questions. Funny thing is with the complainers, I never get a response from them. Here are the "complex" questions I have asked.

"Did you follow exactly the steps outlined in the ARRL installation document?" I mean the installation tutorial is a step-by-step procedure that if you follow it, it will work.

"Did you apply for the certificate and did you receive it yet?" Pretty basic starting point right?

Never hear from them again. I even offered to go to one guy's house to set it up since he lived near me. No response.

Seems funny that people complain, you offer to help, and they don't respond. I guess they really don't want to set it up and just want to complain.

In any case the ARRL finally got the CQ Magazine WPX Award implemented within LoTW. Well what do you know? I had 472 QSLs available for the WPX Mixed Award. I applied right on line. Simple and easy.

That makes the third award I have received using the ARRL LoTW. This is a great thing.

If you are not using LoTW yet and like to work towards operating awards, I suggest you do so soon. Apply for the certificate, then follow the set-by-step instructions. It's easy and you can get a lot of QSLs for a lot less money than the paper QSLs. It's a great thing.