JT-65 on Six Meters

This Independence Day extended weekend has been great for 6 Meter propagation. Quite a lot of activity with the digital mode JT-65 on 50.276.

Worked All States with JT-65

Checked LoTW this morning, and what do you know? The final QSL from Hawaii using mode JT-65 finally came through.

Of course with ARRL's LoTW system, applying for awards is so easy. So right away I applied for the award and paid the $15.00 fee.

This is the 4th WAS award that I will have. I have one WAS using only paper QSL cards; another WAS using electronic confirmations only from LoTW; another WAS using all digital modes; and now another WAS using only the digital mode of JT-65.

If you have not started using LoTW, consider doing it now. LoTW makes it much easier and less expensive to obtain QSL confirmations when chasing operating awards. So please consider jumping on the 21st Century bandwagon and use the technology that the ARRL is providing to all hams around the world.

Experimenting with JT65-HF

Just started experimenting with JT-65 HF after reading the QST article. A little different than most soundcard programs and I am able to receive and decode transmissions. Have not transmitted yet, as I am still feeling out how the program works. Looks promising though.