Links to other Amateur Radio Sites

Amateur Radio Transceiver Manufacturers - USA

  • Ten-Tec Amateur Radio - Not currently producing radios. If you are looking for American made radios, I suggest looking at Elecraft or Flexradio.
  • Elecraft - Now you can purchase an Elecraft transceivers assembled.
  • Flexradio - The incredible Software Defined Radios (SDR) are made right here in the United States

Amateur Radio Manufacturers - Japan

Amateur Radio Kits

  • Byonics - APRS Related Radio Kits - You can get the TinyTrak3 Plus and the TinyTrak4 here
  • Elecraft - Probably the nicest HF radio kits you can buy and build - Also sells pre-assembled radios.
  • Midway Electronics - QRP Transceiver Kits
  • Oak Hills Research - HF QRP Radio Kits
  • QRPme - HF QRP Radio Kits (QRPme took over the production of RockMite kits from Small Wonder Labs)

Amateur Radio Accessories

  • DV Dongle - D-Star radios still too much money? Get a DV Dongle!
  • DV Mega - Hotspot for DStar and DMR.
  • Kantronics - TNC units for APRS, Packet, and other digital modes
  • MFJ - MFJ sells accessories and transceivers under the MFJ brand. MFJ also owns Ameritron Amplifiers, Hy-Gain Antennas, Cushcraft Antennas, Vectronics Kits, and Mirage Amplifiers: all can be found on MFJ site.
  • Pi-Star Hotspots - Pi-Star hotspots are available from Ham Radio Outlet. You can also purchase the hats, displays, and Raspberry Pi computer boards on Amazon and easily build your own. Supports D-Star, DMR, P25, NXDN, and Fusion.

Other Interesting Amateur Radio Links

  • ARRL Logbook of The World - 21st Century QSLing. Best and lowest cost way to earn operating awards!
  • Brandmeister DMR Network - Quickly becoming the most widely used DMR network in the world.
  • Buckmaster - Look up those addresses on their Hamcall site to send out your paper QSL cards
  • DMR for Radio Amateurs - DMR MARC - Information on using DMR
  • DStar Info - Great site for information and latest news on DStar - THE Digital Standard for Amateur Radio
  • DStar Users site - DStar Repeater and Reflector Information
  • - Fantastic information resource for Radio Amateurs. Excellent for user reviews of Amateur Radio related equipment, antennas, vendors, kits, etc.
  • QSL.NET - Get your own ham radio home page and e-mail address

Amateur Radio Organizations